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Exterior Services

Our paint facility is compliant with Federal EPA, State Waste management, and The Clean Air Act. We can accommodate aircraft up to and including a Gulfstream IV.

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Paint Schemes

  • Use a custom paint scheme designed by our in-house graphic artist, or use a design of your own.

  • All paint schemes are expertly handled by our experienced layout crews.

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Preparation & Paint

  • All surfaces are professionally prepared prior to painting. Your satisfaction is our goal from surface prep to final detailing.

  • Capital Aviation uses conventional paints adhering to the specifications required by aircraft manufacturers.

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In-house Services

  • Capital Aviation has exterior design services, graphic artists, and engineers all on staff to provide our clients with immediate results and quick turn-around times.

  • Custom placarding is created and applied in-house by our Capital Aviation crew.


Paint Shop


Full Re-Spray


Partial Spray


Splice Ring Repair

Custom Layouts



Our Eco-Friendly

Paint Stripping Process

SunSetStrip is a non-toxic, hydrogen peroxide-activated paint stripper designed for removing polyurethane, epoxy and other paint systems.

Fast Working

Other “green” strippers take as long as 24-48 hours to take effect.

Environmentally Friendly

Contains no halogenated solvents ( Methylene Chloride ), phenol, acids, strong alkalines or any heavy metals.

Our Facility Consists of Two Hangars Large Enough to Accommodate Aircraft up to and Including a Gulfstream IV.


Recent work completed at the Capital Aviation Paint Facility

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